11 Inch Lineman's Combination Pliers

  • $ 12.21
  • Save $ 5.78

 Get the right pliers for the toughest jobs. 11-inch long lineman's pliers are some of the most trusted tools in everyday use!  Add a good pair to your toolbox - and this one is a great pair of pliers!  Whether you are an electrician, craftsman, auto mechanic, or carpenter, you'll find lots of uses for this tool.

  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION:  Made with 11 inches of drop-forged, tempered, high-carbon steel to hold up under everyday heavy-duty use.  It has lots more leverage than standard-sized pliers.  These are the toughest.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE VERSATILITY: These pliers can do the job:
    • Grip and pull an object through a conduit like fish tape
    • Tighten a bolt or nut from the side or front
    • Crimp a wire connector
    • Cut stranded or solid core wire for an electrical job
    • Twist out a broken screw or bolt
    • Straightening out or twisting wire
    • Ream out conduit or knockouts with the tapered nose
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIPS:  They feature cushioned grips that feel great in the hand, and contribute to being able to torque longer and stronger in tough situations.  Also, it reduces the risk of accidentally losing the load in critical situations.
  • 11 INCHES OF TOUGH: These are big pliers for more heavy-duty, industrial jobs - not your puny jewelry or fishing lure pliers that won't be able to perform in high-leverage situations.
  • GREAT LOOK AND FEEL: The molded anti-slip handles look great sitting next to your other tools.  They're something you can be proud to put in your toolbox.  And, when it comes time to use them, you'll look forward to the feel of the pair in your hands, ready to work.
  • PRICED RIGHT: Can't do much better than this for a pair of 11-inch lineman's pliers!


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