7.5 Inch Lineman's Combination Pliers with Anti-Slip Grip, Red Handles

  • $ 7.52
  • Save $ 1.47

Lineman's pliers are some of the most trusted tools in everyday use! Add a pair to your toolbox.  Whether you are an electrician, craftsman, auto mechanic, jeweler, or carpenter, you'll find lots of uses for this tool.

  • Extract a broken screw or bolt
  • Tighten a bolt or nut from the side or front
  • Hold a hot piece of metal
  • Crimp a wire connector
  • Cut stranded or solid core wire for an electrical job
  • Straightening out or twisting wire
  • Grip and pull an object through a conduit like fish tape
  • Ream out conduit or knockouts with the tapered nose

They feature red, molded, anti-slip handles that look great sitting next to your other tools, and feel great in the hand.  These aren't the smaller 6-inch variety - they measure 7-3/4 inches, top to bottom.  Can't do much better than this price for a pair of bigger combo pliers!  By Sterling Tools.

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