Large 12 Inch Aluminum Square

  • $ 24.99
  • Save $ 6.50

This is a big 12-inch square that can be used in place of the standard 7-inch square when you need to cover more distance with your markings or alignment.  Whether you're using it for roof-framing, building furniture, or an art installation, it helps to have the right tools when you need them.

This square comes in handy when using over 6-inch-wide lumber or marking plywood surfaces.  The protractor function can lead to more accurate angle marks if you need to go longer distances with your hypotenuse or radius from the pivot.

  • Aluminum construction 
  • All markings are molded into the square 
  • Fraction conversion table 
  • Use as a protractor, miter, or framing square 
  • Comes with side rail, bolts, and wing nuts

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