Metal 12-Inch Ruler - Imperial and Metric

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This is not your standard metal ruler.  It's better.  First of all, it's super shiny and reflective!  Second, it has imperial labels (inches) on one side and metric labels (centimeters) on the other side - they don't share the same side. That's great if you use one or the other all the time.

This ruler's got the right gear a craftsman would need.  It's got that classic look, and the marks on it are beautiful, not just practical - a nice and neat tick system.  Good font, too.

In addition to that, on the inches side, it has the standard 1/4ths and 1/8ths, but it's also divided into 10th and 20ths on the other edge!  That'll come in useful for using a calculator and directly translating the decimal results.  On the metric side, it's got centimeters divided by millimeters.

The markers on the inch side go up to 1/32nds up to the 3rd inch, continuing on with 16ths out to the 12th inch.  The thickness is just under 1/32nd. The ruler also has a hang-up hole for easy storage.

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