Needle Nose Pliers - 8-Inch Nose Pliers with Anti-Slip Grip, Red Handles

  • $ 6.52
  • Save $ 3.47

Needle-nose pliers are some of the most trusted tools in everyday use!  Add a good pair to your toolbox.  Whether you are an electrician, craftsman, auto mechanic, jeweler, or carpenter, you'll find lots of uses for this tool.  These aren't the smaller 6-inch pliers - they're fully 8 inches for more leverage and reach.  By Sterling Tools.

    • Grip and pull an object through a tight space
    • Tighten a bolt or nut from the side
    • Twist in a tight radius
    • Crimp a wire connector
    • Cut stranded or solid core wire for a craft or electrical job
    • Rescue fallen objects
    • Straightening out or twisting wire
  • RESCUE FALLEN OBJECTS:  When regular pliers are just too bulky to reach inside a crevice, the needle-nose pliers can get you out of trouble like a pro.  Whether you need to grab and pull or just need to add an extra twist in a tight space, this is what this tool can do for you.
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIPS:  They feature a knurled grip that feels ultra solid in the hand, and contributes to being able to torque longer and stronger in tough situations.  Also, it reduces the risk of accidentally losing the load in critical situations.
  • GREAT LOOK AND FEEL: The molded red handles look great sitting next to your other tools.  They're something you can be proud to put in your toolbox.  And, when it comes time to use them, you'll look forward to the feel of the pair in your hands, ready to work. 

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